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English-Hindi > caftan" sentence in Hindi

caftan in a sentence

41.In 1975 during her second wedding to Richard Burton, she wore a caftan designed by Gina Fratini.

42.Men wore trousers and a caftan, each fastened by a belt, which was the traditional costume.

43.And a white jersey caftan by Rebecca Moses is a wonderful way to look covered up and still sexy.

44."It was Diana who introduced me to the caftan life, " de la Renta said.

45.Angelou, who is 6 feet tall and is wearing a flowing Ghanaian-made caftan, is polite.

46.She wears a form-hiding dark velvet caftan, and her white-blond hair is stylishly coifed.

47.A hybrid of the dashiki and caftan worn by females is a traditional male dashiki with a western skirt.

48.Watson, who is almost 6 feet tall, wore an eggshell-colored lace caftan with a matching headband.

49.You can wear a caftan at home or to the beach or, in the winter, with a sweater.

50.He is wearing a red caftan with a fur collar, and there is a pronounced hook to his nose.

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