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English-Hindi > camping area" sentence in Hindi

camping area in a sentence

41.A shaded camping area has 35 sites, 16 of which have electricity.

42.The park includes Lake Wister with five camping areas.

43.There is a boat launch and designated camping areas.

44.New camping areas were also established on the beachfront extending south to Mooloolaba.

45.The camping area was opened in the early 1960s.

46.-- Tents will only be allowed in five camping areas called Slumber City.

47.Planet Bluegrass has six designated camping areas, five of which are sold out.

48.Cove Camping Area seemed to fit our needs.

49.The Dutchwoman was arrested in the Dahab camping area with 54 grams of bango.

50.The Halls Peak camping area is located off Raspberry Road, east of Armidale.

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