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English-Hindi > camping ground" sentence in Hindi

camping ground in a sentence

31.Residents once operated a camping ground, guesthouse and gem shop for passing tourists.

32.South Metropolitan Scouts Association has a camping ground and training centre in Boundary Road.

33.There is an Asian caterer, a camping ground, and a Karting Club.

34.Gud�a has a camping ground and it is a popular fishing spot for salmon.

35.Indian Camp Hollow was named from a former Native American camping ground located there.

36.Alfred Schlebusch, 31, of Heinsburg, was staying at the Mangaweka camping ground.

37.Behind the apartments facing the beach are camping grounds, backpacker hostels and canal villas.

38.Adjacent to the beach are several large capacity hotels as well as a camping ground.

39.In Sinningen there is a camping ground near a small lake which is called Baggersee.

40.A popular camping ground was what is now known as " The Bootenal Springs ".

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