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English-Hindi > camping ground" sentence in Hindi

camping ground in a sentence

41.Ravella clan had a large camping ground of 1260 Kuntas in the city of Vijayanagar.

42.The commune maintains a municipal camping ground, Les Babelles, and a bathing beach.

43.It also has a camping ground, which is seasonally busy and a bowling club.

44.The park's second camping site called Dead Horse Gully camping ground is located here.

45.There is also a camping ground Hedesunda Camping with cabins and places for caravans and tents.

46.Camping is available in the park in the " Little Fish Lake " overnight camping ground.

47.This region was a favored hunting and camping ground of Native Americans of the Osage Nation.

48.They enjoy the experience and wake up the next day ready to leave the camping grounds.

49.Pohangina consists of Awahou School, Totara Reserve camping ground, Pohangina River and lots more.

50.The lake also has a camping ground, and is popular as a general outdoor spot.

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