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English-Hindi > cantilever bridge" sentence in Hindi

cantilever bridge in a sentence

21.The "'Hi Carpenter Memorial Bridge "'is a cantilever bridge over the Ohio River between OH 7.

22.The main spans horizontal curvature was unusually tight, for a concrete cantilever bridge of the time.

23.It is a single-tower cantilever bridge carrying Interstate 155 and U . S . Route 412.

24.It is the longest cantilever bridge in Australia.

25.A cantilever bridge was found to be out of the question, as was erection by falsework.

26.The "'Commodore Barry Bridge "'is a cantilever bridge that spans the Delaware River from John Barry.

27.The "'Hoholmen Bridge "'( ) is a cantilever bridge in the municipality of Her�y and D�nna.

28.The "'Murray Baker Bridge "'is a landmark cantilever bridge that carries East Peoria in central Illinois.

29.The Airport Flyover is a four lane, 750 m long cantilever bridge over the Gateway Motorway overpass.

30.This list does not include cantilever bridges.

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