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English-Hindi > cantilever bridge" sentence in Hindi

cantilever bridge in a sentence

41.The higher bridge goes from the mainland at the village of box girder cantilever bridge, with the longest span being.

42.The bridge was designed by Albert Lucius and built by McClintic-Marshall Company of Quebec cantilever bridge during construction in 1907.

43.A cantilever bridge is a bridge built using cantilevers, structures that project horizontally into space, supported on only one end.

44.Northbound traffic was shifted to the new bridge, southbound was moved to the cantilever bridge, and the Keller Bridge was removed.

45.He was commended for bravery during the steel cantilever bridge by arbitrarily changing the design specifications to include expensive, unnecessary modifications.

46.It was the longest single cantilever bridge span in the world until 1917 when the Quebec Bridge in Canada was completed.

47.The Des Plaines River Bridge in Joliet is a cantilever bridge that is six lanes wide three lanes traveling eastbound and westbound.

48.The most noticeable feature in the village is Connel Bridge, a large cantilever bridge that spans Loch Etive at the Falls of Lora.

49.Although some continuous truss bridges resemble cantilever bridges and may be constructed using cantilever techniques, there are important differences between the two forms.

50.There in 1889, they helped the railroad put in a cantilever bridge that was finished in 1890 and remained in use for decades.

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