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English-Hindi > carpus" sentence in Hindi

carpus in a sentence

31.The spin point is the small portion of the carpus ( same as the 1990 or piao de mao ), so that there is a minimal amount of friction between the hand and the ground.

32.The most common areas affected are the lower ( distal ) portions of their legs, such as the carpus ( wrist ), or sometimes another part of their body such as the base of their tail.

33.This anastomosis is joined by a branch from the anterior interosseous artery above, and by recurrent branches from the deep palmar arch below, thus forming a palmar carpal network which supplies the articulations of the wrist and carpus.

34.Colles himself described it as a fracture that  takes place at about an inch and a half ( 38mm ) above the carpal extremity of the radius and  the carpus and the base of metacarpus appears to be thrown backward.

35.It includes five vertebrae of the neck, back and tail; a right scapula; a left forelimb lacking the carpus; parts of the pelvis; a right femur; both tibiae, a right fibula and elements of the metatarsus.

36.Its cheliped is lightly tuberculate dorsally; upper margin of merus with a sharp subdistal spine; the carpus lacking an outer spine in adults; propodus Meri of its posterior walking legs has a distinct distal dorsal angled projection, spined in juveniles.

37.The genus is defined by having a spirally twisted fruit ( " from Greek via Latin, where strepto = twisted, carpus = fruit-Greek : ????????????? " ), although this character is also found in some other Old World genera of Gesneriaceae.

38.Juvenile specimens differ from adults in many features : the teeth of the carapace are much larger and sharper, there is a sharp spine on the carpus of the cheliped and a distal spine on the merus of each walking leg, plus the legs are longer and slenderer.

39.The first concept was used by Eudemus, who regarded an angle as a deviation from a straight line; the second by Carpus of Antioch, who regarded it as the interval or space between the intersecting lines; Euclid adopted the third concept, although his definitions of right, acute, and obtuse angles are certainly quantitative.

40.These extensions reach almost to the proximal surface of the bones in the proximal row and are separated from the cavity of the metacarpal and carpus is always separate from the midcarpal joint; the joint cavity between the hamate and fourth and fifth metacarpals is a separate cavity more often than not, but it may communicate normally with the midcarpal joint.

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