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English-Hindi > caster" sentence in Hindi

caster in a sentence

11.Welsh cakes are served hot or cold dusted with caster sugar.

12.Caster Troy 23 : 00, 22 Jun 2005 ( UTC)

13.From that clay model a caster would generate a plaster model.

14.Late production pieces were equipped with caster wheels to ease manhandling.

15.Is the de Caster move official policy, or in error?

16.They were primarily used by alchemists, metal casters and mints.

17.He is married to Kathleen Caster and they have two children.

18.The tricycle landing gear is supplemented by a triple tail caster.

19.Because of her bravery, Caster ( formerly Lancer ) intervenes.

20.Fly casters sent bright green strands back and forth above the ponds.

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