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English-Hindi > chafing dish" sentence in Hindi

chafing dish in a sentence

31.In a chafing dish or medium saucepan, combine remaining orange peel with lemon peel, sugar cubes and spice bag.

32.This recipe is so sturdy you can bake it early and hold it on warm or in a chafing dish.

33.There were grumblings about cold food, complaints that are only now being addressed by the addition of individual chafing dishes.

34.Honduras beat the ostensible home team, 3-2, on Saturday in the raucous chafing dish of Robert F . Kennedy Stadium.

35.The chafing dish could be used at table or provided with a cover for keeping food warm on a buffet.

36.Arrange in a single layer in a chafing dish, or other ovenproof dish, sprinkle with Parmesan and broil until golden brown.

37.The chafing dish would first be rubbed with garlic, then the cheese and wine would go in heated gently until melted.

38.Plan menu and calculate amount of food needed; determine whether any menu items will require chafing dishes or other special equipment.

39.Serve warm chili con queso in a chafing dish, fondue pot or deep bowl with your choice of accompaniments for dipping.

40.These included 72 silver place settings, which included an unknown number of serving dishes, platters, tureens, chafing dishes, and other items.

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