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English-Hindi > chafing dish" sentence in Hindi

chafing dish in a sentence

41.Strain into a ceramic fondue pot or chafing dish ( straining will remove any stray bits of coagulated egg white ).

42.When smooth pour into a chafing dish, heat and serve as a dip for French bread hunks or for toast rounds.

43.In Boston he's treaded lightly when it comes to the miglso appear in elegant chafing dishes in the most luxurious skyboxes.

44.For it, Ms . Parker scouted jumble sales and thrift shops for silver-plated household items _ chafing dishes, candelabras, trays and trumpets.

45.Then everyone would spear a bread cube on a long-handled fork and dunk the bread into the fondue in the chafing dish.

46.Call it " La Triviata, " where a chafing dish is accorded all the gravity of a fragment of the True Cross.

47.A loaf of french bread would be cut into cubes and set alongside the chafing dish in the center of the table.

48.This recipe is so sturdy you can bake it early and hold it in a warm oven or in a chafing dish.

49.Duplantis says it's easier to keep dishes hot than it is to keep them cold if you invest in a basic chafing dish.

50.The chicken noodle is on a table on the back deck while a chafing dish nearby holds vegetarian soups, including a Sweet Potato Soup.

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