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English-Hindi > channel allocation" sentence in Hindi

channel allocation in a sentence

21.The station was later displaced by WMAR to channel 14, as any low-powered station must move if a full-powered station wants its channel allocation.

22.Further, since most stations have elected to use UHF rather than older VHF channel allocations, their actual broadcast range is far less than previously.

23.WNGS, formerly on a digital subchannel of WKBW-TV, had planned to launch its own digital signal on WKBW-TV's former analog channel allocation, 2009 digital transition.

24.On July 11, 2013, Opus 1.0 . 3 brought bug fixes and a new Surround sound API that improves channel allocation and quality, especially for LFE.

25.However, spread spectrum gives lower spectral efficiency than non-spread spectrum techniques, if the channel allocation in the latter case is optimized by a good DCA scheme.

26.The spectral efficiency can be improved by radio resource management techniques such as efficient fixed or dynamic channel allocation, power control, link adaptation and diversity schemes.

27.Germany has an 80 channel allocation  the 40 CEPT / American channels plus 40 channels from 26.565  26.955 MHz in straight 10 kHz sequence.

28.Under Veterans'ownership, WROC-TV moved to channel 8 on September 8, 1962, as part of another channel allocation change, this one being a switch involving Rochester and Syracuse.

29.Additional rule specifications relating to 40, 80, and 160 MHz channel allocation has been taken on by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ( MIC ).

30.Starting in 1938, the FCC created 6 MHz wide television channel allocations working around the 5-meter amateur band with channel 2 occupying 50 & ndash; 56 MHz.

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