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English-Hindi > channel allocation" sentence in Hindi

channel allocation in a sentence

41.Had it won, then Providence Journal would have merged WPHL's and WKBS's schedules under the WKBS license and channel allocation, while selling the channel 17 license to either a religious or educational broadcaster.

42.The result of the treaty for Canada was to add new clear-channel allocations at 740, 990, and 1010; with the expansion of the AM band to 1605 kHz, Canada would later add 1580.

43.Free-to-air ATSC uses the DigiCipher 2 method to maintain the same radio frequency channel allocation that the NTSC channel was using when both were simulcasting so the same number could bring up either service.

44.For example, having knowledge of the current physical state will help a channel allocation scheme or automatic repeat request ( ARQ ) strategy at the MAC layer in optimizing tradeoffs and achieving throughput maximization.

45.Channels making the transition generally acquired a second channel allocation in the upper UHF region to test their new equipment, and then moved into the low-UHF or high-VHF once the conversion period was over.

46.Before the public meeting, Thigpenn had already contacted the Broadcast Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission to discover that two UHF channel allocations ( channels 30 and 47 ) were available for use in Jacksonville.

47.Later the unused HF capacity of these channels was used to provide for stereo surround in place of the mono surround of the Todd-AO layout giving the modern 5.1 channel allocation retained today by Dolby Digital.

48.It was created for the needs of frequency planning in television broadcasting in the United States in the 1960s and was extensively used for preparing the tables of channel allocations for VHF / UHF broadcasting there.

49.Transmitters were operational on the above channels in 1959 . During the 1960s channels 1 to 3 were deleted and channels E3 to E12 adopted, bringing East Germany into line with the channel allocations used in the West.

50.Due to this and the extra width of the channel allocations at UHF, the width of the guard band between the channels is 650 kHz ( assuming the worst case which is when NICAM sound is in use ).

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