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English-Hindi > charcoal grey" sentence in Hindi

charcoal grey in a sentence

11.The ground colour of the forewings is a mixture of charcoal grey and silvery white scales.

12.Andreotti, in a charcoal grey suit, said in the courthouse coffee bar before going into the courtroom.

13.The ground colour of the forewings is silvery white with a fine suffusion of charcoal grey scales.

14.The colors used were charcoal grey, a blue-grey and white to create a palette with glacial coloring.

15.In interior design, cool metallic colors including silver, gold, metallic blue, charcoal grey, and platinum tended to predominate.

16.The correct half galla, consists of the Herlovianerslips on the blue school shirt, charcoal grey pants and school blazer.

17.Others are very dark, black, or charcoal grey with dark faces and white only on the feet and tail tip.

18.Rakka reacts to Kuu's unexpected departure by becoming deeply depressed, and her charcoal grey wing feathers begin to turn black.

19.The new canvas is currently available in a black-charcoal grey-dove grey-white colour palette, and will shortly be available in other shades.

20.Stock rake machines with a stripped down look, often with flat or primer paints in charcoal grey, flat black, olive drab or brown.

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