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English-Hindi > charcoal grey" sentence in Hindi

charcoal grey in a sentence

31.Interior was only available in charcoal grey ( leather or cloth ) and features included adjustable sport seats with lumbar supports, a leather-wrapped tilt steering wheel, shift lever, and emergency brake handle, power windows, door locks, air conditioning, and a premium stereo system, options not normally found on small American coupes.

32.In 1986 ( 115 made ), the last year for the Coupes, customers had an even larger choice of colors, including Smoke Charcoal Grey & Raven Black, joining the Oxford White and Midnight Blue, as well as Silver Metallic . http : / / www . ascmclaren . com / capripics . htm

33.On more formal outings the coat was worn with a pair of cashmere striped morning trousers : ( " cashmere stripes " refers to the muted design in black, silver and charcoal grey, not the fibres of the cloth . ) However, trousers of muted checks were also worn in slightly more informal situations.

34.Wearing a charcoal grey suit, white shirt, blue tie and the American flag lapel pin he was worn faithfully since the Sept 11 attacks, Bush was joined in the historic House chamber by Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and all other members of his cabinet except Interior Secretary Gale Norton.

35.The two candidates were dressed almost identically in charcoal grey suits and red dotted ties-- side by side, they looked like an advertisement for laundry detergent : Kerry's deep burgundy necktie as the " before, " and Bush's brighter red serving as the " after . " And Kerry's face looked grayer as well, and his eyes drooped shut at times.

36.It's a bizarre story _ with a hidden link to Colefax's arrest _ that Horace, Jocasta and Harvard will all end up covering, and it's a story that will end, predictably enough, with Horace's transformation from a geeky rube into " a dapper figure, dressed in a charcoal grey suit and peacock blue tie, who owned a personal stereo and spent two evenings a week at the gymnasium ."

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