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English-Hindi > charcoals" sentence in Hindi

charcoals in a sentence

21.Light gas grill, or heat charcoal fire until very hot.

22.That's how Mosher got her charcoal 1990 Ford Tempo.

23.Charcoal is used in the best fireworks to create sparkling tails.

24.Prepare a charcoal grill or heat a gas grill or broiler.

25.INSTRUCTIONS : Prepare a mesquite charcoal fire in a barbecue grill.

26.All of the recipes I consulted called for grilling over charcoal.

27.Heat grill, preferably charcoal ( broiler can be used ).

28.The new suits use charcoal lining to neutralize the noxious agents.

29.They also are lined with charcoal to neutralize the toxic agents.

30.The walls of the two galleries are a moody charcoal gray.

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