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English-Hindi > cognitive map" sentence in Hindi

cognitive map in a sentence

41.Cognitive maps serve the construction and accumulation of spatial knowledge, allowing the " mind's eye " to visualize images in order to reduce cognitive load, enhance recall and learning of information.

42.This assumption persists in cognitive psychology, which interposes cognitive maps and other postulated information processing between stimulus and response, but otherwise retains the assumption of linear causation from environment to behavior.

43.Influential exceptions included, for example, Wolfgang K�hler and his insightful chimpanzees and Edward Tolman whose proposed cognitive map was a significant contribution to subsequent cognitive research in both humans and animals.

44.Unlike the receptive sheets of the cortex, the place cells are not organized in a topographic map but on the basis of an unknown principle that researchers refer to as a cognitive map.

45.This resulting vector can be passed along to the hippocampal place cells where it is interpreted to provide more information about the environment and one's location within the context of the cognitive map.

46.When placed at different arms of the cross maze however, the rat still went in the correct direction to obtain the food because of the initial cognitive map it had created of the maze.

47.The cognitive map describes the mental act in terms of several parameters that permit an analysis and interpretation of a subject s performance by locating specific problem areas and producing changes in corresponding dimensions.

48.This parceled world idea is further supported items by the finding that items that get recalled together are more likely than not to also be clustered within the same region of one's larger cognitive map.

49.The " cognitive map hypothesis " has been further advanced by recent discoveries of head direction cells, grid cells, and border cells in several parts of the rodent brain that are strongly connected to the hippocampus.

50.So that the function of the hippocampus can be viewed as a broader system that incorporates both the memory and the spatial perspectives in its role that involves the use of a wide scope of cognitive maps.

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