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English-Hindi > come up roses" sentence in Hindi

come up roses in a sentence

21.But they warn it won't be coming up roses for consumers who may see higher prices.

22.For Lancome, everything's no longer coming up roses.

23.Not quite all is coming up roses, however.

24."Everything's Coming Up Roses " and, of course, " There's No Business Like Show Business ."

25.Now, everything's coming up roses for Baffert, especially if he starts Silverbulletday in America's greatest race.

26.Things are coming up roses for Governor.

27.But the U . S . economy was not exactly coming up roses before that fateful day.

28.It figures to return next August-- everything is always coming up Roses before the clocks fall back.

29.In 2008, Larry Graves and Brian Ray made a video for Ray's song " Coming Up Roses ".

30.Clearly, in this economic climate, business is not coming up roses, and neither are the politics around it.

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