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English-Hindi > come up roses" sentence in Hindi

come up roses in a sentence

31.Everything's coming up roses ( and petunias and pansies and peonies ) in the fashion world this spring.

32.Erap might yet come up roses.

33.I have it on good authority that things are certainly not coming up roses for the Nusantara Chamber Orchestra.

34.In 1999, Owsley re-recorded the " Coming Up Roses " for his eponymous first solo album Best Engineered Album.

35.Everything's coming up roses !"

36."Everything's Coming Up Roses ."

37.In the cameo appearance, Merman leaps out of bed singing " Everything's Coming Up Roses " as orderlies restrain her.

38.She starred in a film titled " Coming Up Roses ", playing a former musical comedy actress with two daughters.

39.Reed would deny that and say everything was coming up roses when he left . He went off to greener pastures.

40.She attended Christ Church Grammar School, and then Anyone Who Had a Heart " and " Everything's Coming Up Roses ".

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