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English-Hindi > come up roses" sentence in Hindi

come up roses in a sentence

41.His film " Coming Up Roses " was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1986 Cannes Film Festival.

42.If you're the Fed and you're looking at this, you say everything is coming up roses _ maybe too many roses,"

43."Everything's coming up roses, basically, " said Donald Smith, president of his own money-management firm with about $ 950 million in assets.

44.Through most of the first eight months of this year, almost everything seemed to be coming up roses for the cruise industry.

45.Coming up roses . . . and ostriches : The Big New Year's Day event in Pasadena wasn't always the Rose Bowl.

46.Mushroom Records eventually succumbed to financial problems, leaving Doucette to find a new label for his third album, " Coming up Roses ".

47.Along Colorado Boulevard everything was coming up roses _ and chrysanthemums and orchids and carnations and so many other kinds of flowers, too.

48."Our reputation has been one of peacemaker, " he said, but added, " That's not to say that everything is coming up roses ."

49."Master Class " and the upcoming spectacle " Riverdance " at the Wang, everything seems to be coming up roses in the Theater District.

50.CoxNet LIFESTYLES FASHION 0421 : FLOWER POWER-- Everything's coming up roses ( and petunias and pansies and peonies ) in the fashion world this spring.

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