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English-Hindi > compartmentalisation" sentence in Hindi

compartmentalisation in a sentence

11.While the compartmentalisation of the interior may have improve the membership's chances in a fire, the effect on the internal environment as a whole has been disastrous.

12."I'm not sure that the situation in Bosnia now lends itself to quite the neat compartmentalisation that the secretary general has tried to achieve by proposing these two options,"

13."' Clandestine compartmentalisation, which is an important tactic for controlling access to information, used in order to diminish the risk of discovery of the network or the release of sensitive information.

14.A foam polystrene boat isn't as " strong " as a steel one-but because of the extreme " compartmentalisation ", it can take a LOT more damage and stay afloat.

15.I wonder whether Tinbergen's four " why " s should be discussed, as they illuminate a compartmentalisation of causality that may be applicable beyond biology-would this be original research or has it been published?

16.This appears to draw parallels with the fragmentation and compartmentalisation of the body, both by the medical profession and the media, where in both cases the essence of the whole, or " real " person, is lost.

17.But overall that's not a good thing because it leads to unhealthy compartmentalisation, sometimes with different fields coming to contradictory conclusions without being too concerned about the fact, simply because they don't take each other seriously.

18.The Challenge facing the Club now and in the future is how to manage and develop these advantages, which, in the short term, means how to repair the damage done to the interior by compartmentalisation, while simultaneously complying with current safety legislation.

19.Sometimes it's too verbose for a technical subject : " doctrinal intransigence ", " intractability of the powerplant ", " compartmentalisation of a design bureau "; sometimes too technical : " six-light flightdeck " ( what is it ? ).

20.The biomineralisation of the magnetite requires regulating mechanisms to control the concentration of iron, the crystal nucleation, the redox potential and the pH . This is achieved by means of compartmentalisation in structures known as magnetosomes that allow the biochemical control of the above-mentioned processes.

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