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English-Hindi > cringes" sentence in Hindi

cringes in a sentence

31.I still cringe when I remember our walk in the hall.

32.See the TV critic cringe at his relative sloth and ineptitude.

33.It's the kind of behavior that makes homeowners cringe.

34.Ultimately we root for it more than we cringe from it.

35.This particular rhetorical flourish is enough to make thoughtful people cringe.

36.The lyrics even rhyme moon and June without inducing a cringe.

37.The Secret Service, worried about the security risk, cringed.

38.Yasser Arafat and other Palestinian Authority officials, though, cringed.

39.But it ain't over until the fat cats cringe.

40.Beforehand, one cringed at the prospect of camp and ridicule.

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