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English-Hindi > daffodil" sentence in Hindi

daffodil in a sentence

11.Daffodil is the common name for members of the genus Narcissus.

12.Most daffodils prefer full sun but most will tolerate light shade.

13.Many other daffodils won't grow well in the South.

14."Daffodils are outright jaunty, " she said.

15.Good with tulips or daffodils or in a trough all alone.

16.Examples : amaryllis, daffodil, hyacinth, lily, tulip.

17.Daffodils come in yellow, white, peach, and orange.

18.Plant large daffodils about 8 inches deep and 5 inches apart.

19.Should I be circling daffodil sites with stakes and yellow ribbons?

20.Neatly planted daffodils bloom around the windowless hulk of a home.

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