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English-Hindi > daisy chain" sentence in Hindi

daisy chain in a sentence

21.The ruling image in " Dandelion Wine " is a daisy chain tied in knots.

22.Also that year, he wrote and produced'No Time to Stop Believing'under the band name Daisy Chain.

23.This allows the leader to hang from the daisy chain while preparing the next anchor placement.

24.I'm not saying a bomb shouldn't be tossed at the daisy chain of crime, celebrity, and sensationalism.

25.The band, originally named Daisy Chain, signed a seven figure recording deal with Mercury Records in 1991.

26."The daisy chain is meant to be a celebratory statement for the gallery's opening, " said Friedman.

27.This refers to the daisy chain of sexual encounters, which also determines the format of the play.

28.The same year, she narrated anti-bullying animated short film " Daisy Chain ", about a victim of cyber-bullying.

29.Failure of the pocket stitching results in the daisy chain disconnecting from the anchor, with potentially fatal consequences.

30.When clipped in, daisy chains should not be shortened by clipping in another pocket to the same carabiner.

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