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English-Hindi > daisy chain" sentence in Hindi

daisy chain in a sentence

41.The investigation unraveled a " daisy chain " of paper companies created to be exempt from wholesale and retail taxes, prosecutors said.

42.In the intervening years since their breakup, the Daisy Chain's work has come to the attention of garage rock and psychedelic enthusiasts.

43.Unhesitating, relentless, the blackout sweeps across the East; generators, substations and nuclear plants automatically disconnect in a daisy chain of split seconds.

44.He seems to make a habit of e-mailing people to tell them to e-mail other people _ an electronic daisy chain of connections.

45.The sequel, " Martin Pippin in the Daisy Field " concerns six little girls whom Martin entertains while they are making daisy chains.

46.In some cases, multiple IEDs are wired together in a daisy chain to attack a convoy of vehicles spread out along a roadway.

47.Some backpack manufacturers have designed special packs with " daisy chains, " strips of looped nylon webbing on which the shoes can be secured.

48.How witty of him to incorporate the khorovods, or chain dancers, of his Russian background, although Americans have seen these patterns as daisy chains.

49.In " Sidewalks of New York, " which opened Friday, a daisy chain of six characters fall in and out of love and relationships.

50.Typically, the main line of the daisy chain is clear monofilament line with crimped on droppers that connect the lure to the main line.

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