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English-Hindi > dalmatian" sentence in Hindi

dalmatian in a sentence

11.His father, a civil engineer, descended from Dalmatian royalty.

12.A Dalmatian ran alongside to protect the horses and the wagon.

13.Can you compare Dalmatians to any of your co-stars?

14.His version of the Donovan song " 101 Dalmatians ".

15.The Dalmatians were cut off from foreign supplies and were hungry.

16.In 1334 the abbey was sacked by Dalmatian pirates from Omia.

17.Until May 1991, Dalmatian HOS units were company-sized.

18.In the meantime, the Arabs were attacking the Dalmatian coast.

19.It is located on the Peljeaac peninsula on the Dalmatian coast.

20.He traveled around Dalmatian vineyards educating wine-growers on peronospora.

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