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English-Hindi > damnably" sentence in Hindi

damnably in a sentence

11.The kind of discussion Clinton hopes for is damnably difficult to start _ a sure sign it is needed.

12.As with a great many constructs in our damnably elastic English language, it is also in the minority of usage.

13.He has chosen the least pictorial features of the least pictorial range of scenery and civilization . . . it is damnably ugly.

14.In that sense, " Nobody's Fool " is a mystery-- and a damnably compelling one at that.

15.Marriage, as J . P . Marquand once noted, is " a damnably serious business, especially around Boston ."

16.In 2012 they released the Europe-only seventeen track compilation " Buckeye " on Damnably Records, their first international release.

17.The musicians that Damnably has worked with include many international artists whose work was featured on Peel's radio programmes ( e . g.

18.That's why a growing number of Phoenix gentlemen are finding comfort, comradeship and a damnably fine declaration of politically incorrect cussedness by lighting up cigars.

19.Many independent hotels today rail against the big chain hotels, calling them damnably antiseptic and speaking in favour of old-style ( read Indian ) hospitality.

20.The film is damnably amusing . 3 In a Sundance first-look review " The Guardian " gave the film 4 out of 5 stars.

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