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English-Hindi > darts" sentence in Hindi

darts in a sentence

21.Young boys dart between cars offering 30-second windshield washings.

22.Then he's out driving his 1963 Dodge Dart convertible.

23.The bettor who is best at darts should have an edge.

24.Bob Dart writes for the Washington bureau of Cox News Service.

25.Not bad for an outfit that used to televise darts tournaments.

26.He darts in my direction, and I gently reel in.

27.Swarms of vibrant triangles dart about in time to the music.

28.And show up for darts on Thurdays at McHiccupy's.

29.Tadpoles dart to and fro in puddles along the rutted path.

30.The reviewer firing the most darts is Hemingway biographer Jeffrey Meyers.

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