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English-Hindi > darwinian" sentence in Hindi

darwinian in a sentence

31.The anti-Darwinians are incensed by the metaphors of the Darwinians.

32.In a Darwinian universe, this is a dangerous thing.

33.Darwinian sexual selection, they claim, does the rest.

34.But from a Darwinian perspective, they are also a bit challenged.

35.He also believes even human creativity might operate by the Darwinian mechanism.

36.He described this as the working out of the social Darwinian hypothesis.

37.It also discusses the Social Darwinian theories of brutal competition among races.

38.Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged ."

39.Smolin writes of the connection between physics and Darwinian processes:

40.Overall, Dunnell advocated the use of a Darwinian model.

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