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English-Hindi > defensive alliance" sentence in Hindi

defensive alliance in a sentence

11.In July Denmark and Poland-Lithuania concluded an offensive and defensive alliance.

12.Another defensive alliance formed in September 1672 between Denmark, Hesse-Cassel.

13.Tekle Haymanot Tessemma negotiated a defensive alliance with Menelik.

14.The treaty also laid terms for mutual aid and end of defensive alliance.

15.This promised that Britain would  offer a defensive alliance against further Russian encroachments.

16.As such, it was a defensive alliance.

17.In 1623, both brothers joined a defensive alliance of the Lower Saxon Estates.

18.In 1469, his city forged a defensive alliance with Duke Otto of L�neburg.

19.NATO spokesman Mark Laity said NATO would remain a " defensive alliance ."

20.Two years after the treaty, Prussia and Russia would enter into a defensive alliance.

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