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English-Hindi > dengues" sentence in Hindi

dengues in a sentence

41.Meanwhile, reports of further dengue casualties keep coming in.

42.About 70 percent of dengue patients were elementary school-aged children.

43.Twelve possible diseases were being investigated, including yellow fever and dengue.

44.Twelve possible diseases are being investigated, including yellow fever and dengue.

45.Dengue is a disease thatrecognises no socio-economic demarcation.

46.There was a possibility that the number of dengue cases would increase.

47.About 50 million equatorial residents contract dengue fever every year.

48.Dengue fever kills 125 in S . Sumatra, JAKARTA POST

49.Dengue outbreak toll 31 so far this year : Official, JAKARTA POST

50.Many Indonesians simply lack the necessary formation to detect dengue.

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