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English-Hindi > dip angle" sentence in Hindi

dip angle in a sentence

11.These bodies generally strike ESE to SSE ( N 120 to N 150 ) in the northern branch, with a medium dip angle between 30 and 60?

12.Trigonometric equation relating the dip angle ( between the true horizon and astronomical horizon ) observed from the top of a mountain to the height of that mountain . ]]

13.He applied the values he obtained for the dip angle and the mountain's height to the following trigonometric formula in order to calculate the Earth's radius:

14.One technique is to always take the strike so the dip is 90?to the right of the strike, in which case the redundant letter following the dip angle is omitted ( right hand rule, or RHR ).

15.Because the slope of a homoclinal ridge dips in the same direction as the sedimentary strata underlying it, the dip angle of this bedding ( ? ) can be calculated by v / h = tan ( ? ) where v is equal to the vertical distance and h is equal to the horizontal distance perpendicular to the strike of the beds.

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