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English-Hindi > dish out" sentence in Hindi

dish out in a sentence

11.Other booths will dish out exotic foods, clothing, CDs and jewelry.

12.You can dish out more contact, you can take more contact.

13.In the morning, take pie dish out of refrigerator and discard plastic wrap.

14.VIOLENCE _ Mick dishes out plenty of punishment, but everybody is just kidding.

15.A little butter, lemon juice and fresh cilantro round this dish out nicely.

16.But, it turns out, our forefathers did not dish out much respect themselves.

17.By day, she dishes out hamburgers and french fries to senators.

18.No matter what absurdities life dishes out, Ziggy keeps plugging away.

19.The computer will then dish out age and sex-appropriate advertisements.

20.E-mail service dishes out pearls to make you appear cultured

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