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English-Hindi > dressing down" sentence in Hindi

dressing down in a sentence

31.Industry executives recount tales of her dressing down staff.

32.Not so different, come to think about it, from the students he is dressing down.

33.But dressing down while remaining suitably attired for the inaugural ball is an elusive challenge.

34.At $ 1, 790, it is for those who take their dressing down very seriously.

35.After the peasant leaves, Nazario gives the Colonel a severe dressing down for his rudeness.

36.But perhaps Schottenheimer's biggest mistake was his dressing down of the popular cornerback Darrell Green.

37.The cost of dressing down is stretching their paycheck to cover three wardrobes in one closet.

38.The message here mostly is that dressing down days are no day at the beach, sartorially.

39.Clothes Encounters : Dressing Down at the Office.

40.Dressing down requires the type of planning that men are not often called upon to make.

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