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English-Hindi > eagle eyed" sentence in Hindi

eagle eyed in a sentence

11.An eagle eye on pollution from hospital bed, NEW STRAITS TIMES-

12.EAGLE EYE : Sophie Gustafson was the only player with an eagle Saturday.

13.However, he still keeps an eagle eye trained on his property and realestate ventures.

14.Hollypark's July 4 feature drew seven horses, including Savinio, Silver Wizard and Eagle Eyed.

15.Eagle Eye Art Academy was incorporated as a private entity.

16.Eagle Eye 06 : 23, 26 March 2012 ( UTC)

17.:: Many thanks TRM : as always, your eagle eye is very much appreciated!

18.Eagle Eye 01 : 47, 27 March 2011 ( UTC )  Preceding contribs)

19.At the northeast are two prominent peaks, Eagle Eye Peak and Eagle Eye Mountain.

20.With eagle eyes These books have few or no words.

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