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English-Hindi > eagle eyed" sentence in Hindi

eagle eyed in a sentence

21.They played alongside Ben Harper and Eagle Eye Cherry, they also played San Francisco.

22.At the northeast are two prominent peaks, Eagle Eye Peak and Eagle Eye Mountain.

23.The song was written by Maynard, Eagle Eye, and Labrinth, who also produced the song.

24.She turns her eagle eyes back to the bay.

25.Star Campaigner was a head back in third, and Eagle Eyed and Corey Nakatani fourth.

26."I wouldn't mind my dad watching with eagle eyes.

27.The eagle eyes of Ohio CAP members prevented large forest fires from erupting in 1942.

28.Frankel saddles Eagle Eyed in today's Eddie Read Handicap.

29.The investigation was performed solely by the " Eagle Eye ", the DHS student newspaper.

30.Eagle Eyed started in the far-outside post 13, and never had a chance, finishing last.

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