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English-Hindi > eagle eyed" sentence in Hindi

eagle eyed in a sentence

31.Her eagle eyes can spot copyvios from miles away.

32.Eagle Eye Art Academy is structured to prepare students for careers in film and entertainment.

33.Senore trains full-time at Eagle Eye Shooting Centre in Pretoria under his longtime coach Hubert Bichler.

34.The last change was the addition of " Eagle Eyes "; which followed later in 1976.

35.Eagle Eyed and Cocooning finished far behind them.

36.He's done it so quietly, it escaped even the eagle eye of head coach Bill Guthridge.

37.He withdrew an appeal of his suspension for Eagle Eyed's disqualification in the Del Mar Derby.

38.Eagle Eye was also filmed in this location.

39.Great Eagle eyes lower project cost, HONGKONG STANDARD

40.An elderly woman in a well-seasoned fur and black cloche hat gave the place an eagle eye.

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