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English-Hindi > ear bone" sentence in Hindi

ear bone in a sentence

31.Hadrocodium is the earliest creature in which the middle ear bones have detached from the rest of the jaw, allowing them to hear clearly while chewing.

32.Pierre Chambon produced mice that had ear bones with the characteristics of mammals and reptiles, or the way the mice were about the time of dinosaurs.

33.The Soundbridge works very differently : It converts sound to the mechanical vibrations of the delicate middle ear bones-- the way normal sound moves those bones.

34.A "'lucky stone "'is actually the unique ear bone or otolith of a Freshwater Drum ( " Aplodinotus grunniens " ), commonly known as the Sheephead Fish.

35.The morphology of acoustically isolated ear bones in basilosaurid archaeocetes indicates that this order had directional hearing underwater at low to mid frequencies by the late middle Eocene.

36.Tetrapods that adapted to terrestrial living adapted these gill bones to pick up sounds through air, and they later became the middle ear bones seen in mammalian tetrapods.

37.He brought back numerous cetacean ear bones and several dolphin skulls described as Echinorhynchodelphus pontereyensis by a professor of the Paleontology Department at the University of California, Berkeley.

38.Though the brands are artificially induced, the method uses a natural, evolutionary quirk in which newborn salmon every day add a ring to an inner-ear bone called the otolith.

39.Ear bones of cetaceans _ whales, dolphins and porpoises _ are the densest bones in the world, protecting delicate inner-ear tissues from damage and the tremendous pressure of dives.

40.Removing a red snapper otolith ( ear bone ) : Their age can be determined by counting annual growth rings on their otoliths, similar to counting growth rings in trees.

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