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English-Hindi > earth wire" sentence in Hindi

earth wire in a sentence

11.Skeptic Ian Bryce speculated that the E-Cat was misconnected during demonstrations, and that the power attributed to fusion is supplied to the device through the earth wire.

12.You can connect all of the earth wires from both sides together ( it doesn't matter whether they are mixed up ) then join the signal wires together.

13.Wrapped cables can be applied to earth wires ( ground wires, shield wires ) on power transmission lines and to phase conductors on transmission, sub-transmission or distribution lines.

14.Dick Smith offered Rossi one million dollars to demonstrate that the E-Cat system worked as claimed, while the power through the earth wire was also being measured, which Rossi refused.

15.This is so the studio or whatever can provide a'clean'signal ground to the equipment free of the'dirty'noise going down the safety earth wire due to power supplies and the like.

16.The 2006 Auckland Blackout interrupted supply to the CBD and many inner suburbs after an earth wire shackle at Transpower's Otahuhu substation broke and short-circuited the lines supplying the inner city.

17.Inside switches, junction boxes etc, it is usual to sleeve the ground or earth wire using green / yellow pvc sleeving to prevent contact with any live conductors .-- talk ) 13 : 21, 14 January 2012 ( UTC)

18.Operation does not require a fault current to return through the earth wire in the installation; the trip will operate just as well if the return path is through plumbing, contact with the ground or any other current path.

19.If the latter, I suggest that you immediately stop testing and have the house wiring checked by a competent certified electrician, as it seems there is a discontinuity in the house's earth wiring that is hazardous to human life.

20.I had this very problem with an intermittent earth wire ( " inside " the scope case ) on a 485 Tek scope-wondered what the hell was going on !-- Light current 00 : 22, 6 September 2006 ( UTC)

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