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English-Hindi > embolus" sentence in Hindi

embolus in a sentence

31.Other causes of death in people with an abdominal pregnancy include anemia, pulmonary embolus, coagulopathy, and infection.

32.Before his invention the success rate for removing an embolus, or blood clot, was forty to fifty percent.

33.On Monday, Quayle experienced pleuritic chest pain, which occurs on breathing and which often occurs with a pulmonary embolus.

34.There was no evidence of a pulmonary embolus, or blood clot lodged in Bush's lungs, Tubb said.

35.Also, symptoms may be transient as the embolus is partially resorbed and moves to a different location or dissipates altogether.

36.Male palpal bulbs are relatively simple in appearance, with a circular embolus, and are rather similar in different species.

37.The fossils are highly similar to recent " Zygiella " species, apart from the embolus originating medially rather than distally.

38.Here, it would be pumped into the lungs, where it may cause a potentially deadly condition known as a pulmonary embolus.

39.Using the embolus as a pivot, the male flips over so that his backside lands right in front of the female's mouth.

40.In that position, he can continue copulating through the embolus even if she starts to digest him with enzymes she secretes from her mouth.

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