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English-Hindi > enamor" sentence in Hindi

enamor in a sentence

11."This package has more guts, more numbers, more targets than we've seen in previous packages, and that's helped to enamor people, " said David Atkinson, a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs ( Japan ) Ltd.

12.According to pitcher Clem Labine and noted author Roger Kahn, the first thing O'Malley did when he took over was assign Bavasi to enamor himself to Dick Young of the " Daily News " so that O'Malley would not have to worry about ever getting bad press from the Daily News.

13.At " Los Angeles Times ", Mikael Wood rated the album three out of four stars, stating that on the release " Campbell is always open to more feeling . " David Jeffries of AllMusic rated the album three-and-a-half stars out of five, writing that the release " is a return to more traditional themes like prayer, creation, and the struggles of everyday life, while traditional gospel plays more of a role than the usual R & B, thus allowing Erica to show off her vocal talents . " At " CCM Magazine ", Andrew Greer rated the album a perfect five stars, saying that the release " is set to enamor urban music history ".

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