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English-Hindi > enchiridion" sentence in Hindi

enchiridion in a sentence

21.The " Enchiridion Indulgentiarum " reached its fourth edition in Latin in 1999, and is available on the Holy See's website.

22.The first episode produced for the series, " The Enchiridion ! " was crafted to retain the same spirit as the earlier series'pilot.

23.The Erfurt " Enchiridion " appeared the same year, in two almost equal editions by two different printers, Johannes Loersfeld and Matthes Maler.

24.This is in the source, and also in Wiki source on the Enchiridion .-- talk ) 21 : 44, 27 February 2013 ( UTC)

25.Billy reveals that they must unite the gems of all the crowns of power, place them in the Enchiridion, and open a portal to the multiverse.

26.The only work of importance, outside the region of mere philology, afterwards published by him, was the " Enchiridion Hermeneuticae " ( 1812 ).

27.This tactic proved successful, and Cartoon Network approved the first season in September 2008 . " The Enchiridion ! " was the first episode to enter into production.

28.Several of these are reprinted in Edmund Gibson's " Preservative against Popery ", and Edward Cardwell's " Enchiridion Theologicum ".

29.He also claimed in " The Enchiridion " that he could not only smell the book, but also that it was in a room inside of a castle.

30.Ferber's principal work is entitled : " Locorum communium adversus hujus temporis h�reses Enchiridion ", published at Cologne in 1528, with additions in 1529.

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