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English-Hindi > expectorate" sentence in Hindi

expectorate in a sentence

31.As its name suggests, the Expectorate is a powerful institution which decides how well each candidate is expected to do in Iowa and New Hampshire.

32."Please feel free to expectorate the remains of your wine onto our gravel floor, " he said, as he did so himself.

33.Sweat and spit remain, as Fowler decreed, less pretentious than perspire and expectorate, and stomach, it's true, is not the same as belly.

34.He spoke about wanting to " vomit my hatred, expectorate my bile, ejaculate my anger, " and he agonized over his writing and berated himself.

35.Irvin sneered, " Rod Woodson ! " naming the most vaunted of the Steelers'defensive players, and when he did, expectorated toothpaste onto the mirror.

36.The Parks Department did what it could to keep it up, but the goldfish started dying, the raccoons got nastier, the llama expectorated and the stench got worse.

37.It's nice to learn that the Welsh plural of eisteddfod is eisteddfodau, and useful ( if not so nice ) to discover that expectorate means more than just spit.

38.Adenoviruses are often transmitted by expectorate, but can also be transmitted by contact with an infected person, or by virus particles left on objects such as towels and faucet handles.

39.While preparing for his first career postseason start at wild and crazy Yankee Stadium, Bosio was pelted with soda, beer, coins, batteries, lighters and even was expectorated upon.

40.It's also against the law to gargle in public in Louisiana, to sneeze in public in Nebraska, to " expectorate against the wind " in Sault Ste.

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