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English-Hindi > face sheet" sentence in Hindi

face sheet in a sentence

21.The inner structure was an aluminum sandwich construction which consisted of a welded aluminum inner skin, adhesively bonded aluminum honeycomb core, and outer face sheet.

22.Dimitrius and three assistants created a seven-page synopsis ( known in the trade as a " face sheet " ) for each of the prospective jurors.

23.Diagram of an assembled composite sandwich ( A ), and its constituent face sheets or skins ( B ) and honeycomb core ( C ) ( alternately : foam core)

24."' Aluminium foam sandwich "'( AFS ) is a sandwich panel product which is made of two metallic dense face sheets and a metal foam core made of an aluminium alloy.

25.The prosecutor begins : " Your Honor, we have no witnesses, but will you take judicial notice of the police report and the ` face sheet'( a list of priors ) ?"

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