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English-Hindi > face to face interview" sentence in Hindi

face to face interview in a sentence

11.The two fund managers spend a couple of hours on the phone with potential investors and insist on a face to face interview as well.

12.This varies according to the relevant professional awarding body but can often take the form of a written application or face to face interview, with supporting documentation.

13.Rapidocs produces legal documents by presenting users with an interactive question and answer session which aims to mimic a face to face interview between a solicitor and a client.

14.When a job-seeker has seen the company's videos and webpages and the recruiter has seen him acting on a video, both parties can arrive at a decision on the first face to face interview.

15.Following the conference, the candidates submit a comprehensive written application evaluated by the YGA selection board who then selects 400 candidates for a face to face interview and selected candidates take part in a social responsibility project developed and implemented by YGA called Read-Think-Share.

16.The pair then met for a face to face interview'The Gloves Are Off', and Klitschko stated that Fury tries to be a bully because inside he is weak and insecure, but Fury retorted that it was Klitschko who was insecure about Fury's unpredictable behaviour because he's a " control freak ", who doesn't like it when he isn't in control of his opponent.

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