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English-Hindi > face validity" sentence in Hindi

face validity in a sentence

1.Also, it had good face validity, and normative data is available.

2.Face validity is very closely related to content validity.

3.If an expert is asked instead, some people would argue that this does not measure face validity.

4.Indeed, face validity is always employed.

5.You believe that it has face validity; you want to know whether it has content validity and construct validity.

6.Test items typically do not match the tasks students face in the classroom ( they lack face validity ).

7.Everyday observation of the association of one idea or memory with another gives a face validity to the notion.

8.Content validation ( also called face validity ) checks how well the scale measures what is supposed to measured.

9.There is evidence for the face validity of the EQ from the method by which the measure was created.

10.These examples have a certain face validity, because competition is less intense in government than in the private sector.

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