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English-Hindi > facing bond" sentence in Hindi

facing bond in a sentence

21.The facing Bond Street was widened in the late 1950s / early 1960s as part of an uncompleted redevelopment scheme.

22.The Florida reliever has faced Bonds eight times and has given up three doubles and two home runs with three walks.

23.Is there anything more daunting than the prospect of facing Bonds with runners on base and the game on the line?

24.The last two times I faced Bonds, I intentionally walked him and he hit a home run on a fastball in,

25.The Brewers host San Francisco in their home opener April 4, and new manager Ned Yost already has a strategy for facing Bonds.

26."He's always been one of my toughest outs, " said Mlicki, who last faced Bonds in 1998 while with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

27.Anaheim didn't face Bonds in 2002, but in 13 career interleague games, he has drawn 15 walks ( six intentional ) against the Angels.

28.In the seventh inning, with two outs and no one on, Baldwin had to face Bonds, who has devoured right-handed pitchers throughout his career.

29.Tim Redding, who faced Bonds on Wednesday, said : " If he thinks we're cowardly for walking him, maybe he's a little high on himself.

30.DiPoto caught Thompson looking on the next pitch, and suddenly there were two outs and the prospect of facing Bonds and Williams seemed less daunting.

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