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English-Hindi > flipflop" sentence in Hindi

flipflop in a sentence

21.The game is called " Bashy Bug " ( stylized as " BASHyBUG ", " y " letter is a pink flipflop shoe ) and it revolves around a flipflop shoe stomping on a bug in a skill game-like timed area with multiple levels ( 1 through 5 ).

22.Perhaps whichever hind brain ganglion it is that takes care of balance has a " walk mode / stand mode " flipflop, and it isn't so good at handling external pushes when one is in stand mode .-- Talk 01 : 25, 21 Jun 2004 ( UTC)

23.The computer controlled the magnetic latching relays by Signal Distributors ( SD ) packaged in the Universal Trunk frames, Junctor frames, or in Miscellaneous Trunk frames, according to which they were numbered as USD, JSD or MSD . SD were originally contact trees of 30-contact wire spring relays, each driven by a flipflop.

24."Then the economics of the situation changed, and it's lucrative to build, " he said, " so the city does a flipflop and goes in and begins to sell them off with about the same sensibility it displayed when it abandoned them in the first place _ which is to say, none ."

25.While in Mexico, the Bunch ( loosely based on the infamous Hole-in-the-Wall Gang ) hook up with a bloodthirsty Mexican generalissimo fighting Pancho Villa, hijack a shipment of U . S . rifles for him, and then-- after their code of honor is violated by the general-- do a flipflop and embark on a suicidal attack of his forces.

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