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English-Hindi > flippantly" sentence in Hindi

flippantly in a sentence

41.Until the last few weeks Fox has flippantly ignored Congress _ which in turn has largely rejected his program for reform.

42.Thinking they had little to worry about, Gilliam and Grisoni made their case _ a bit too flippantly, Gilliam concedes.

43."A $ 5 million business doesn't even register on my radar screen, " he said flippantly.

44.One of them flippantly told me once that we cooks made so much money she didn't think we should care.

45.Much of it came out of the garment trades, flippantly called by the cognoscenti, the shmatte, or rag, business.

46."One reason is people don't answer the questions they've been asked, " he said flippantly.

47.Those are strong words from Lewis, who also flippantly mentioned how Duke has " three or four lottery picks ."

48.She first said it might be because she was a woman but then flippantly added that some people did not like her hair style.

49."It's not like I was offered a contract and I flippantly said I didn't want it,"

50.I called the ABA and the person flippantly said he has a right to free speech and then asked I should ask a lawyer.

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