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English-Hindi > foghorn" sentence in Hindi

foghorn in a sentence

11.Angered, Foghorn punches the Dawg and they start to fight.

12.Meanwhile, Foghorn Leghorn is taking a nap in the sun.

13.In addition, a foghorn emits a blast every twenty seconds.

14.Ahead of us on the trail, a family practiced foghorn imitations.

15.Foghorn Leghorn on " Love Me Tender,"

16.Listen to the sigh of the foghorn among the laps of waves.

17.It will sound like a foghorn, only more interesting,

18.Thankfully, the old foghorn is sounded only for demonstrations like this.

19.McKimson created characters like Foghorn Leghorn and the Sylvester pairing.

20.Mr . Leghorn is a man who is based on Foghorn Leghorn.

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