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English-Hindi > folderol" sentence in Hindi

folderol in a sentence

31.Or what about : Dodge Dubious, Ford Flatulent, Plymouth Pequod, Subaru Superfluous, Ford Folderol, Honda Dogmatic, Cadillac Skedaddle.

32.But now women can salute _ and wear the jeweled Elk chains and enjoy all of the club's patriotic folderol and charitable activities.

33.The good news is that this folderol is likely to end when either Clinton wins a second term or Dole moves into the Oval Office.

34.The Soviet Union, which had lost millions of its people during the war, wanted the Nazis executed with as little folderol as possible.

35.With all the folderol about the BCS and its heavily manipulated title game, the importance of the Rose Bowl has been questioned, too.

36.Rep . J . D . Hayworth of Arizona dismissed committee action as mere " folderol " that was not required by the Constitution.

37.It began with Homecoming folderol, lovely autumn day, browning turf, sun sparkling bright, but Georgia Tech had a tough foe to hoe.

38.Already there are encouraging signals that Pataki and the current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, would prefer to dispense with the political folderol of the past.

39.Then, elbowing clarity aside, basically took over, meaning " ignore all that folderol and let's get down to fundamentals ."

40.Isn't that just like the Quakers, holier than thou, to think they're above such folderol as helping a neighbor raise a barn?

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